Molecular phylogenetics lab and analyses facilities

Research Group Spermatophytes is a partner in the Ghent University Centre for Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution (CeMoFE) together with the Research Group Mycology, the Phycology Research Group, the Marine Biology Research Group and Laboratory of Protistology and Aquatic Ecology.

Our new lab is equipped to perform molecular phylogenetic and evolutionary research of plants including among others DNA extraction (kit or CTAB), DNA amplification (PCR) and preparation for DNA and RNA sequencing (Sanger, microsatellite, next-generation).

Techniques used by Research Group Spermatophytes and largely implemented at the CeMoFE include: extraction, amplification, cloning, AFLP studies, microsatellite studies, next-generation sequencing, etc.

Molecular phylogenetic and population genetic analyses are carried out using a wide range of bioinformatics software in the context of our plant biodiversity research.
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The WE81 library of the Ghent University contains books, journals, PhD theses and Master dissertations about plant systematics, morphology and ecology, and is housed in the Ledeganck complex. Most plant systematics and morphology literature can be found on the ground floor close to the botanic garden at the Research Group Spermatophytes.

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday from 9h00 - 16h30 - closed on Friday.

For an appointment or information, please contact:
Rosette Heynderickx
Tel: +32 (0)9 264 50 71
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The contents of the W81 and other Ghent University libraries can be searched through Aleph, the general Ghent University library catalogue.

The webpage of the Ghent University Library offers access to a wide range of services including Web of Knowledge, electronic journals, etc. Some of these services are only available for use within the Ghent University students and employees.
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