2001 to June 2007, PhD thesis

Herbarium names are a particular group of unpublished names. Unlike other unpublished names found in documents with private character such as manuscripts, field notes, or correspondence, herbarium names figure on labels which were ‘made public’ by the deposition of specimens in publicly accessible herbaria. In the genus Peperomia, 1530 herbarium names have been traced so far, due to the legacy of William Trelease, who left us with 93 % of the herbarium names within this group.
A six year survey of the Peperomia collections in 48 herbaria revealed 4% of almost 100 000 specimens mentioning a herbarium name. The compendium that resulted from this survey is the first attempt to cover herbarium names in Peperomia. It places these names in their taxonomic context and presents legitimate names for 1434 of them. It points to an additional 50 herbarium names which apparently represent undescribed species. Finally, it draws attention to 15 herbarium names which are related to species of which the taxonomy is insufficiently resolved.
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Relevant publications:
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