Plant biodiversity & conservation

Several projects working towards plant biodiversity conservation are ongoing at the Research Group Spermatophytes. For more information open the Biodiversity & conservation webpage.
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Cyperaceae have been studied at the Research Group Spermatophytes for several decennia. Various projects focus on biodiversity and evolution of this beautiful and ecologically important plant family. For more information open the Cyperaceae webpage.
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Basal Angiosperms

Research into the early lineages of the flowering plants was started in 2003. This project focusses primarily on the order Piperales, with emphasis on the genus Peperomia. For more information open the Basal Angiosperms webpage.
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In 2007, a research project was started on Hydrangea s.l. Subprojects focus on evolution, phylogeny, taxonomy, biomechanics and conservation of American and Asian species. For more information open the Hydrangeaceae webpage.


In 2009, a research project was started on Epimedium, a Chinese genus of medicinal plants. The aim of this project is to ascertain the boundaries between the species of this genus. For more information open the Epimedium webpage.

Scientific expeditions

Over the years, many scientific expeditions have been carried out by staff members of the Research Group Spermatophytes to collect plant material and study plants in situ. For more information, click here.
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